Online Banking

Western Bank of Wolf Point’s Internet connection to your financial information. Think of it as a 24-hour personal link to your accounts.

  • Get your account balances, review transaction activity, and see if checks have cleared.
  • Make immediate transfers and schedule future-dated or ongoing transfers to occur automatically between accounts.
  • Download transaction information into personal financial software.
  • View your current statement and previous statements from the last five months. 

All you need is access to the Internet using a browser and service provider of your choice. No additional software is needed. All information is provided on a secure website.

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Bill Pay

Western Bank of Wolf Point's Online Bill Pay provides the convenience, accessibility and reliability demanded by today's banking customer. With Online Bill Pay you can pay any person or business in North America. Online Bill Pay allows you to build a unique personal payee list online and schedule payments to be made one time, in the future, or on a recurring schedule.

Western Bank of Wolf Point's Online Bill Pay is FREE for the first two months; thereafter, a monthly fee of $6.95 (includes 12 payments) will be charged to the account you have chosen for fees. If you pay more than 12 payments a per item fee of $0.50 will be charged.

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